WVU plans $250 million renovation for Evansdale campus

Members of the Morgantown City Council discussed its role in the large-scale renovations planned for the West Virginia University Evansdale campus during a Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday.

Robert Moyer, WVU director of Facilities Management and Scheduling, gave a presentation on the Evansdale redevelopment plan, a multi-year project by the WVU 2020 Strategic Plan for the Future with an estimated cost of $250 million.

“We are in the process right now of hiring consultants to look at some additional studies and designs that may be necessary for some of the implementation of our between projects,” Moyer said.

Some of the key redesign projects of the redevelopment will include creating a pedestrian core on Evansdale and relocating the majority of parking to the perimeter of the campus, Moyer said.

The plan will also cultivate architectural diversity in its proposed structures, utilizing durable, local and natural resources in construction and design, and developing long-term sustainability goals for the campus.

Moyer said the redevelopment would also focus on new aesthetics for the Evansdale campus to create an environment that students will remember after graduating.

“As we talk to alumni and students, we often see a lot of reminiscence about West Virginia University – key areas on campus that people remember and want to revisit,” Moyer said. “We felt it would be very important, within these buildings and the landscaping that connects them, to try to create a sense of place for students that represents the University and West Virginia as a whole.”

The plan will also include extensive roadway and intersection modification, which would involve the cooperation of city council to complete, Moyer said.

Fourth ward councilor Jenny Selin said the University should consider a roadway modification for Monongahela Boulevard that does not affect the Core Arboretum, an outdoor facility maintained by the WVU Department of Biology.

“It’s one of those special places people come back to if they were married there or if they had class there, and it’s all specially planted,” Selin said. “If that could just be preserved as is, consider using the land on the other side to preserve the Arboretum.”

Capital projects included in the redevelopment are the new greenhouse facility for the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, an art museum, an Advanced Engineering Research Building, a new Agricultural Sciences building and a new facade for the South Agricultural Sciences Building.

The redesign will also include a new College of Physical Activities and Sports Sciences Building, and additions and renovations to the WVU College of Law.

Each proposed project is slated to be completed between 2012-14.

*From the Daily Athenaeum.

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